5 Values Of A Customer First Salesperson

We live in a day and age where businesses and consumers are literally a click or call away from finding crucial information they need regarding a service or product that they have interest in. With the advancement of the internet, businesses and consumers are finally starting to do their own research in regards to what they are looking for and the companies that can offer solutions for them.

A number of companies have a substantial amount of information to give potential clients/customers and even have knowledgeable and helpful salespeople, but they still have trouble closing sales. Why? The answer is they aren’t emphasizing putting the customer first! To understand how to do this, you must know what your potential customer’s need is, have a complete understanding of the need, and how to efficiently provide that need to them.

Here at OneVoice we pride ourselves in being customer first. Check out the 5 values we feel are an absolute must to have as a customer first salesperson.

What are 5 values of a customer first salesperson?

1.Understanding The Customer

To be a truly effective salesperson, you need to know as much as you can about your customer and their needs in order to help them. A salesperson should always have a clear understanding of who their customer is, what they are interested in buying, and why they are interested in buying it. Rushing to talk about features, benefits, or pricing instead of listening and asking questions can make the customer feel uneasy and you can potentially miss out on vital information. By asking important questions, a salesperson can get a clearer picture of the challenges and needs a customer is facing and then they can begin to explain the benefits of their product or service.

2. Being Genuine

Being truthful is a must in business. A salesperson, needs to convey to the customer that they truly care about helping the customer with their issue and they aren’t just trying to get a quick sale or sell the customer something they don’t need. Even if a salesperson gets a sale without being genuine, they may eventually ruin their company’s or their own reputation down the line.

3. Being Well-rounded

When customers reach out for information or consultation, they expect to talk to a salesperson who is knowledgeable, friendly, understanding, and truthful. A number of salespeople out there may have one or two of these qualities, but fail to realize how important having all of them are. Being well-rounded shows the customer that you respect them and are committed to solving their problem(s).

4. Organization

Customers want information along with quick and accurate answers. A salesperson should be able to quickly articulate the information a customer needs and if they can’t, give the customer a time frame to find out and respond to the customer within that time frame. Regardless of how many customers a salesperson is working with, all of the information and documents they need should be organized in a way they can be quickly located and without anything missing. One small mishap due to being unorganized can be the difference between a sale or a missed opportunity.

5. Patience

A salesperson should always be patient with their customers. This can be hard to do because sometimes salespeople feel pressured due to quotas, company goals, personal goals, etc. Customers are always going to have different time frames for when they want to purchase a product or service. It is important to understand the buying process for a customer and to never rush them. A salesperson is more likely to get a sale when they patiently wait for a sale than when they aggressively push for a sale.

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