Adjusting with the Times – Adapt or Lose

From the Marketing Desk at OneVoice Communications, Inc.

I was reading an article today on Mashable about how “WhatsApp” (the new free messaging app purchased by Facebook) and other texting apps, will cost the Telecom industry $33 billion this year alone.  Yes that’s Billion with a B.

While most Telecom services provide unlimited texting (for a small fee of course), texting internationally still comes at a hefty cost.  For example, I have family that lives in Canada and I sent a few text messages back and forth with them last month.  These text messages resulted in an additional $21.56 charged to my account (okay so maybe it was more than just a few).  That’s a lot of additional money for one month.  In fact, those additional charges resulted in a 21% increase over my average phone bill.  Oops!

So an app like “WhatsApp” allows people to circumvent these charges – but at the price of Convenience and Tolerance.  With traditional texting, as long as someone has a cell phone you can text them – regardless of where they are or what type of device they have.  When you use WhatsApp, you have to make sure that the other person is also using WhatsApp and that it’s working properly – this requires a balance of convenience and tolerance.

Remember the Cell Phone? “Can You Hear Me?? … Good”

There was a time not too long ago, where more people were using their land lines (regular phones at home and in businesses) to make and receive phone calls. Typically these services were reliable and rarely resulted in dropped calls or calls not being placed.  When the cell phone arrived on the scene, it was a great new piece of technology; but at the cost of some tolerance and even in some cases convenience.  As people on their cell phones would move in and out of bad cellular coverage areas, phone calls would be dropped – and this frustrated a lot of people. As time went on we got used to this and our tolerance for these interruptions went up.

Successful Businesses will Adapt

Equate the cell phone coverage problems with what we’ve been hearing about Hosted VoIP and SIP Trunking services (basically calls being placed over the internet instead of the traditional telephone system).  When a business uses a VoIP or SIP Service you can sometimes get that same sort of spotty communication – sometimes pieces of the conversation will disappear or the call might drop all together.  Currently this is frustrating and it’s holding a lot of businesses back from switching to some of these cost saving alternatives.  However, as time goes on, the tolerance for this will increase and as well as the technology that supports it.

VoIP and SIP Trunking services can allow your business to do a lot more and operate a lot differently than businesses with plain old telephone lines.  One of the major advantages is the ability to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world as if you were in the office yourself.  With IP Based systems you are no longer tied to your desk (just like we’re no longer tied to our home phone to receive calls).

These systems also allow your business to grow without much concern or worry about the telecom infrastructure.  With IP based systems, if you need another line, it’s typically a matter of just purchasing another physical phone and telling your provider you’re adding a line.

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