Dropbox Boosts Competition with New Features

Blog BannerDropbox has teamed up with Clementine, a young and promising collaboration application, to add messaging and voice conferencing tools to its growing list of services.  A popular file-sharing application within the educational and private community, Dropbox serves over 400 million users. Having dominated the private scene, it is now undergoing major renovations to attract corporate clientele as well.

Since early 2013, the cloud storage company has been buying small startups whose applications provide simple and convenient tools for businesses in the digital age. These include various programs like MobileSpan, which is designed to secure connections behind firewalls and protect professional documents, and Loom, a photo sharing and storage platform. Dropbox now delivers email and messaging, in addition to more singular services like customer rewards systems, e-book, hiring management and mobile advertising. By offering an all-inclusive option for companies, Dropbox is catering to smaller businesses. Those who don’t have the funds to create their own applications will find an affordable alternative in Dropbox’s newly bolstered features for $9.99 a month.

But what about affordability for Dropbox? Why spend the money on smaller startups when the company could just develop its own software? It seems that the one thing the cloud giant can’t afford is time. Starting from scratch, it would take years to create and perfect the features they need now. To stand a chance against established competitors like Microsoft and Google, Dropbox must catch up and claim its share of enterprise demand as soon as possible.

Purchasing Clementine is no doubt part of the company’s efforts to do just that. This application specializes in maximizing work-related performance and organization. Here are some of the features that Clementine’s addition brings to the table:

  • “Containerized” Communication, including both messaging and voice calls (one-on-one as well as conference), keeps work separate from personal mobile use. Coworkers and employees can communicate with the mobility of their phones without having to give out personal numbers. Work and social lives can both be maintained, all the while kept “separate and untouched.”
  • Encrypted Content Archiving keeps conversations and data secure. This feature provides the best of both worlds: information is stored for if/when you need it, but prying eyes won’t be able to access it. Peace of mind when it comes to personal and business documents goes a long way. This is especially true lately, with Internet privacy being a hot topic and hacking scandals becoming the norm.
  • Voice Recording and Expense Tracking ensure that everyone stays updated and in compliance with regulations.

Current Clementine subscribers will be able to enjoy its services until August 31, 2015. After that date, Clementine will no longer be available on its own, as it will be completely absorbed by Dropbox.

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