How To Eliminate An Internet Outage Today- Wireless Backup Internet

eliminate an internet outage today
Want to prevent an internet outage today?

One of the top priorities of companies today regardless of their size is the ability to access the internet in order to be productive, to communicate with customers, and to communicate internally at all times. Many companies believe they have a reliable network, but unfortunately no connection is invincible.  All companies  eventually have to deal with internet outages due to unpredictable situations. If you want to prevent an internet outage today then wireless backup internet is the solution.

It’s easy to shrug this problem off as something not serious, but the ramifications of not taking any action can put your company in great jeopardy. The last thing your company needs is lost revenue, unhappy customers, & frustrated employees.

With this in mind, OneVoice is offering companies a way to protect themselves from potential losses while mitigating risk.

Why sit and wait for a problem to be taken care of when you could avoid the problem altogether?

We are providing companies with an inexpensive wireless backup service that is powered by the nation’s number one wireless carrier.

Our Solution for Your Business Continuity

OneVoice is firmly committed to helping companies achieve success. We value the fact companies need constant connectivity and a cost effective way to avoid potential internet outages.

Our wireless backup solution gives companies a number of critical advantages that will effectively help them overcome the issues that arise from connectivity hurdles:

• Staying connected to not only the internet, but data and voice networks when wired connections fail.

• The ability to continually communicate and serve your customers during an outage.

• Extending your network coverage while ensuring a trustworthy backup.

• Out of Band Management which gives your company a secondary network path at remote locations when your primary network fails.

Protecting your business should always be a priority and our wireless backup solution is an essential way of doing so.

 Setting the Standard

When OneVoice devised a wireless backup solution for companies, its focus was a superior and trustworthy solution that would enable companies to be protected at all costs. To fulfill our mission of enabling companies’ business continuity, we realized we must provide our clients with an extensive coverage area.  To do this, we made sure to be powered by the nation’s largest wireless carrier.

We aim to eliminate a companies’ stressful woes by handling their wireless backup needs.

OneVoice is excited to release their budget-friendly wireless backup service and hopes that companies will take advantage of the service as a way to ensure their connectivity is not interrupted and their business continues to run effectively.


Ready To Eliminate Internet Outages?