How To Make Office Relocation Less Stressful

office relocation
Office relocation can be extremely stressful for all members of an organization, regardless of how far the move is. The good thing is it doesn’t have to be! The key to a successful move is adequate planning, organization, and communication.  The first step that should be taken is implementing an actual relocation plan.

Your office relocation plan needs to be a priority because it will outline the necessary steps needed in order to have a successful office move, who is in charge of certain tasks, and the time-frame when each task needs to be committed.

Now that we have stressed the importance of an office relocation plan, we can talk about how you can begin to construct one.

How To Execute An Office Relocation Plan

  1. Appoint someone within the organization to be in charge of the move: The ideal person will have great organization skills, leadership skills, and be able to make quick & logical decisions.
  2. Create a small project planning team: The person your organization appoints to be the relocation leader will need help communicating and executing the relocation plan and having a project planning team enables that to be done.
  3. Identify key dates: Current lease termination, move date, new lease signing, new office build-out start & finish, phone & internet carrier activation & termination.
  4. Establish an office relocation budget: Create a budget in order to determine costs throughout the process and periodically review it in order to make sure the relocation is within your determined budget until completion.

What Your Plan Should Include

  • Working with an office space planner on the design and build out of the new location.
  • Choosing the new office location and negotiate the lease. You should decide in advance the both the type and length of the lease for your company.
  • Choosing your full service mover: Research companies to see who you feel is the best and get estimates before you decide who to go with.
  • Informing all employees of the move: Employees should know about the company moving as soon as possible. Throughout the entire process, you should be updating employees via necessary lines of communication.
  • Working with your IT department to plan new office infrastructure. You may need new carrier services such as phone & internet for your new location. Click here for more information.
  • Determining if new furniture and/or equipment is needed for the new location.
  • Updating all marketing collateral with the new address.
  • Notifying all customers, leads, vendors, and partners  about your upcoming move.

Make sure your office relocation plan is as thorough as possible in order to prevent any delays or make you spend more money. With prior planning, execution and collaboration, your office relocation will be less of a hassle and more efficient!

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