TOP 10 – Things to Remember when Moving your Office

Moving your office from one location to another can be a challenging task. Nevertheless, if you have determined that moving your business is the right decision, there can be an incredible amount of things to remember.  We’ve come up with a list of 10 things to keep in the back of your mind as you’re planning your move.

Look for our Fly-Out as you scroll down, we’ve created a Telecom checklist to help when moving!

10. Be realistic about the costs and incorporate them into your business strategy

It’s important to set up a budget before moving, and plan for plenty of unexpected and incidental costs that will arise during the process.  Moving your business is going to cost you much more than you probably have planned currently.  Do your research!  We hope this list and our checklist will help you out.

9. Choose the right location

In all likelihood, the new location you are choosing will be your company’s home for at least several years. Make sure you understand the neighborhood you are moving your business to before committing to the move.  If your business has a store front, make sure that you’re in a place with a lot of foot traffic and great parking.  If you’re moving into a business complex, talk to the property owner about adding an occupancy clause to your contract.

8. Plan ahead for the necessary downtime

Even if you do your best to prepare the office and your employees, there will always be at least some downtime in the amount of work that your employees can get done. Instead of being unrealistic about what can get accomplished by your employees during the move, try to get extra work done ahead of time, and delay any non-essential work until after the move is finished.  If you have employees that can work from home while moving the office, that’s even better.  If your company has a Hosted VoIP platform, then your phones will never go down and you will still be able to receive phone calls during the moving process.

7. Be prepared for the inevitable delays and expenses

There will inevitably be at least some delays and expenses. There are a lot of factors in play while moving, and at least one of them is going to not go as expected. Allow yourself ample cushion, both in time and budget, for these surprises.  Setting up new internet circuits, or phone lines, can take a long time if they’re not ready to go before you move in.

6. Scout out local stores for your employees

Your employees are going to have to find new coffee shops and places to eat lunch. They will appreciate your efforts if you take the time to scout out the stores in the new location for them.  Some people really love their daily routines and it can be stressful on the employees to have everything suddenly change, from the commute, to the floor number, or even where they get their lunch.

5. Get business cards with the new address in advance

It’s important to have business cards with the right address well before the actual move, so that you and your employees can pass out the right address as soon as possible.  Since your phone number will likely be the same, don’t be afraid to hand out these business cards before your move, and just mention that you will be moving into the new location in a month or two.

4. Inform customers, vendors, etc, about the move

Send out at least a couple emails (or traditional letters) letting all of your customers and vendors know where they can find you from now on!

3. Register your new company address with all relevant local, state, and federal departments

Government offices are notorious for taking a long time to process paperwork. File everything as early as possible so that you aren’t dealing with legal delays during or after moving.

2. Thank your employees for dealing with the temporary madness

Even though moving can be stressful for you, don’t forget that your employees have to deal with many of those stresses as well. A simple thank you – or an extra vacation day – is a great way to boost morale and show your employees that you care about them.

1. Make sure that all of your services are transferred over

Make sure that all of your services are transferred over as soon as possible. Telecom services are particularly important, as your entire business likely depends on the use of phones and Internet.  Your service provider is going to need a lot of time to make sure the transition is smooth.  If you have multiple carriers, this can be even more of a burden (this is where a company like OneVoice is very handy)

In order to help you with transitioning your telecom services, we have developed a comprehensive checklist, which you can download by entering your email to the Fly-Out on the right.




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