TOP 5 Ways to Save Money on your Phone Bill

Audit your phone bill

It’s important to know exactly what is on your company’s phone bill and to make sure you’re actually using all of the services you’re paying for. The number 1 place you may be able to reduce your costs, depending on your carrier, is with unlimited packages. While “unlimited” minutes packages are really appealing, you might find that you never even come close to their highest minute package offered. Be realistic and honest about your needs. If you have any questions about a line on your phone bill that you don’t understand, you can always ask us!

Switch your service type

POTS Lines? SIP Trunking? PRI Circuit? VoIP? There are many options to connecting your business to the world. Perhaps you have a PRI Circuit, but you’re only using 5 call paths at any one time; maybe switching to SIP Trunking is a better alternative. Currently have 2 POTS lines and need to upgrade? Purchasing a PBX and a full PRI Circuit doesn’t make fiscal sense, instead maybe a Hosted VoIP solution is the right answer. It’s important that you know all of the different options out there: the pros and cons, features and costs to each of the choices.

Bundle/Combine your phone with other services

Providers are usually able to provide discounts to you if you bundle your services with them, but try to look for something that is more contract based and not promotional base. Some providers have really cheap promotions that end after a year, causing you to potentially pay more than you would have if you never switched or bundled.

Shop around

While your options may seem limted, you do have some choices. Providers understand this and might be willing to provide you a better price if you come to them with all of your research and homework done. Contact multiple providers until you find the best deal possible. However, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth! While the service is extremely important, the customer service of your provider is just as important. If your lines go down, you want to have a phone number you can call to have it resolved. Ask each provider how they handle support for their services. What good is a cheap service if it’s not working?

Use a 3rd party to handle the above for you

Chances are your job description does not say “lower our internet/phone bill, and do hours of research in order to accomplish this”. However, our job description says just that! OneVoice works with you to help you figure out what your goals are so we can match them with your technological needs. We’ve been in the Telecom industry since 2000, so we have a pretty good handle on it. Let us handle all of the above for you, so you can get back to doing what’s important.