Under the Microscope

Jennifer Yocom-Dize, Vice President Customer & Financial Operations

I recently enjoyed assisting my son with a science project about bacteria. What, pray tell, does this have to do with Customer Service? Well, as I read about such concepts as infectiousness and exponential growth, I started thinking about our business and questions that are sometimes posed by our customers relative to OneVoice’s service quality. My line of thought could have resulted from my inability to leave work at the office, but — bear with me — there’s more to it.

Customers often ask how we are able to meet the challenge of providing superior customer care when, as a reseller, we are positioned between the customer and the carrier. Really, though, it is no different than any other performance-driven organization. The reality of business is that nobody works in a vacuum, and attitude drives performance. Have you ever met someone with an infectious personality, one that energizes you to achieve maximum potential? Well, when it comes to customer care, the OneVoice team believes strongly that to be exceptional, we must be infectious about it. By consistently exemplifying professional conduct, this work ethic begins to spread until it becomes the culture of everyone providing the service. Our team strives to handle all interactions with persistence and professionalism to drive productive vendor performance, timely installations, and quality customer care. In those instances where issues do arise, we will set expectations and manage the outcome effectively.

OneVoice has made customer partnerships the basis of its business since opening its doors almost eleven years ago. While sustaining a 98% retention rate, we have enjoyed long term relationships with our customers and hope to continue to assist them in achieving exponential growth.