What is WebRTC? Brief Overview

A new buzz word that’s been gaining ground lately is WebRTC, or Web Real Time Communication.

WebRTC is an open project that will allow two people to connect to each other, via their browsers only, for voice, video and data transfers.  Currently, this requires some sort of software or plugin that each user will have to download, install, and run in order to communicate with each other.  In the future, browsers will come “out of the box” with the new WebRTC technology implemented, allowing people to connect to each other directly from their browsers.

Currently WebRTC is implemented with Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers, with hopes of implementation in Safari and Internet Explorer.

What is WebRTC Good For? Absolutely Everything!

Since WebRTC allows for the transmission of video, audio, AND data, the uses of WebRTC are nearly endless.

  • Voice Chat / Phone Calls
  • Video Chat (think Skype)
  • Data Sharing
  • Real Time web support – You push a button, and your representative is connected to you right through your web browser.
  • Remote Computer Control
  • Screen Sharing

Currently, for someone to use any of these features, you have to make sure that both people are using the same exact software.  For example, you typically can’t talk to someone on Google Hangouts using Skype (or vice versa).  With WebRTC, as long as you have a browser, you’ll be able to.

What does this mean for us as a company?

Companies that are able to use WebRTC to enhance their interaction with their customers are going to get a leading edge over their competition.

If your company has a support team, it would be easier for visitors to click a button and be instantly connected through the web browser, rather than having to look up a number, dial it, and still not have the ability to share screens and data through the browser.

The impact and plausibility?

The one very universal object that nearly everyone on the internet uses, in some form or fashion, is the stand alone, basic browser.  Plugins and Extensions vary wildly from user to user, but we all use a browser to connect to the internet.

Since WebRTC is going to be a standard protocol implemented into browsers going forward, and since the protocol will allow all browsers (that implement it) to communicate with each other, WebRTC will be available to everyone.  You will not have to convince someone to download your plugin, or buy your software to connect to them.  It will be readily available, wherever you have access to a Browser.


Is your company looking at WebRTC, or implementing it in any way?