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From The Marketing Desk at OneVoice Communications, Inc.

OneVoice Communications Inc. was founded in 2000 as a telecommunications provider for businesses.

Today, OneVoice is much more than just a telecom provider: we are a customer service business.

Everything about the world we live in is fast paced, requiring instant gratification.  It’s our aim to make sure things don’t get lost or jumbled in the haste.

Whenever you have a question, comment, suggestion, or insight, you can always pick up the phone, dial our number, and talk to a person.   follow url That’s important to us here – making a real human connection.  We learn your name, what your business is all about, and strive to understand your goals.  We believe it is the only true way to deliver the services you need.  There is no “One Size Fits All” when it comes to telecom and we truly believe that.

We recently redesigned our website to better reflect who we are as a business.  We have a wealth of knowledge at OneVoice, on many different aspects of telecom; from Conferencing and PRIs to SIP Trunking and Managed VoIP.  Being in business for 14 years, we know telecom and we know it well.  We now want to share that knowledge with the world – with you!  We are going to be adding articles, guides, and whitepapers to our website that will hopefully guide you in the right direction when it comes to making the right decisions for your business’s telecom needs.

Our first article PRI vs SIP Trunking offers a very high level overview on the primary differences between these two methods of connecting your business to the PSTN.

The first thing you will notice when visiting our website is how open and expansive the layout is.  We’ve added a lot of white-space to ensure that the site is easy to navigate and read.  Our front page highlights our four core values that we stand behind with every business engagement.

In addition, our open layout is also fluid and responsive.  We are continuing to tweak the responsiveness of it, but it is currently accessible on all devices (including smart phones!).

You’ll notice our navigation menu has been condensed; properly organizing everything we offer at OneVoice.  With our fixed header that scrolls with you, connecting with us is always within reach.

We encourage you to reach out to us – whether that’s by phone, email, or social media.  We are ready and waiting to answer any questions you have, regardless of whether you’re looking to make a purchase or not. We are in the customer service business, and we are here to help in any way we can.

We would love to hear from you!  Have a question? #AskOneVoice on Twitter (we monitor that hash tag).  Is there an article you would like to see us publish? Let us know! We’re here for you and we’re going to form our content around your needs.  We truly hope you enjoy your experience with OneVoice.

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