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Business voice & data services from OneVoice offers businesses significant savings as well as the convenience of a one-stop-shop for all your telecommunication needs. OneVoice is dedicated to providing the most cost effective solution while guaranteeing your business the ability to scale services and add features as you grow.

Business Lines

OneVoice’s utilitarian business voice services offering is the basic Business Line. Most small businesses that don’t have a PBX, or phone equipment, choose Business Lines as a low-cost option for their local service.


OneVoice’s PRI offers you a digital, high-speed access and a cost-effective solution to enhance the efficiency of your network. PRI isolates all signaling-related functionality to a single DS-0 (D-channel) enabling the remaining 23 DS-0s (B channels) to maximize the full capability of each channel. Interested in a free quote? Click here

Dynamic Integrated Services

OneVoice’s Dynamic services combine your business voice services and data needs over a single network connection. This will allow for a more efficient use of your bandwidth by ‘dynamically’ allocating capacity between your voice and data traffic as needed. The OneVoice provided equipment will connect to your existing PBX/phone system with the following options:

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