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Wireless Internet Backup: Keep Your Business Connected

Internet backup is becoming a vital necessity  for companies. Internet outages now account for $27 Billion in lost revenue annually and the average company faces 14 hours of outage time every year. Wireless internet backup will prevent you from having to deal with  an unfortunate outage.

Many companies don’t have a backup due to being unaware of their options or they haven’t found an affordable solution. OneVoice has a reliable and cost effective wireless backup solution powered the nation’s largest wireless carrier that will help your company avoid connection failures!

Here at OneVoice, we are offering a dependable networking solution for best-in-class 4G failover that will conveniently consolidate with your existing network infrastructure.

Start protecting your company today. Our wireless internet backup is only $49 a month!

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Wireless Backup

Wireless Backup Pricing

Here at OneVoice we want you to have an affordable and reliable service. Wireless Backup will be just  $49 ** a month for 1 gig of bandwidth, with a $35 per gig overage charge.

** Wireless router not included with monthly plan. Feel free to use your own router.  OneVoice recommends the Cradlepoint ARC CBA850.

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