OneVoice is offering a PRI replacement solution. A lot of companies have invested in a PBX for
their company’s voice needs and with PRI’s being retired find themselves with a PBX that is no
longer an asset. With OneVoice’s PRI replacement solution, your PBX will still be able to be
used for your voice needs.

This solution comes pre-configured for an easy plug-and-play replacement to a PRI.

What do I need? 

Data Connection 

OneVoice’s PRI Replacement Solutions requires an active Data Connection-typically using the Public Internet. Depending on the volume of calls it may be wise to invest in a dedicated connection for voice (which we can provide if needed)


Our service requires that you have a PBX (which if you currently have a PRI, you already have)

What are the advantages? 

No Additional Hardware Costs

You pay for what you need. You can utilize your existing PBX as well as your current equipment (phones, etc.)

Cost Effective 

Regardless of the age or make of your PBX, you can utilize this solution to keep your existing equipment in use for the future

PRI Replacement Solution

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