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8×8 X OneVoice Communications Inc.

OneVoice Communications Inc. is excited to announce our partnership with 8×8, a Leader in Cloud Communication Services.

Who is 8×8?

8×8 XCaaS (eXperience Communications as a Solution) is the only single-vendor integrated cloud contact center, voice, video, chat and CPaaS embeddable APIs solution. Built on a secure, compliant and high availability global platform, 8×8 delivers tailored employee and customer experiences for all roles company-wide, with unparalleled reliability, scalability, and quality, all with a single point of accountability. Designed for organizations of all sizes, and with specific business requirements, 8×8 XCaaS empowers modern communications experiences, boosts employee productivity, delights customers, and reveals deeper insights for smarter decisions and a more agile organization.

What are the Features?

For Under $15 (per license), you will receive these features

  • Unlimited Calling
    • Call freely up to 47 countries without additional long distance charges, excluding mobile, special and premium numbers for certain countries
  • Voicemail with  Transcription
    • View and listen to recordings on your desk phone, computer or mobile device; transcribes voicemail to text and sends an email with it included
  • Mobile & Desktop App
    • Allow employees to work on any mobile device, from anywhere, at anytime
  • Tier 1 phone number & extension
    • Phone Number: Utilize a dedicated DID (direct inward dialing) number for each extension; DIDs available for 145 countries or toll-free numbers
  • UC call recording
    • Record incoming and outgoing calls, play them back, download or delete them
  • Team Messaging
    • Provide group chat functionality to send messages to public or private rooms
  • Cloud Recordings
    • Record the audio, video, and desktop from meeting. Save it in the cloud to reference later or send to those could not make it.
  • Analytics for Virtual Office
    • Company Summary, Extension Summary, Call Details Records, Active Calls, Unreturned Calls, Meeting Analytics

& More!


  • G Suite integration
    • Plug-n-play integration with G Suite offers 8×8 features right within the G Suite experience. Features include click to call from within Gmail and Google Docs, call pop up, integrated search and extend connectivity to Salesforce.
  • Office 365 integration
    • Schedule, start or join meetings with our Office 365 plugin
  • Salesforce integration
    • Get context at the speed of conversation. The 8×8 for Salesforce integration offers window pop up with caller information, auto logging for calls, chats, notes, call recording, and integrated search.
  • Outlook integration
    • Outlook plugin offers click to call from within the Outlook directory and emails
  • Microsoft Teams
    • Click Here for More information


Will I be able to consolidate multiple apps?

Yes. With our partnership with 8×8,  customers and users will be able to consolidate multiple apps into one for video conferencing, messaging and calling.  No need to ask your employees to download multiple applications. This platform also allows employees to host and manage conferences with hundreds of participants.

What Products/Services will now be offered?

Integration with Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and Video Conferencing, and More!


Click Here to Learn More about Microsoft Teams.

What Makes this different than other Communications platforms?

1. Company-Wide Collaboration

2. Unified Administration

3. Single Integration Framework

4. Single Point of Accountability

5. Cross-Platform AI & Analytics

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