What is Hosted VoIP? 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an overarching term for transmitting your voice over the internet (or internet like connection). Our platform provides your company with all of the features of an enterprise organization’s business phone system with a fraction of the maintenance and cost.

Benefits of Hosted VoIP


Hosted VoIP for Business from OneVoice Communications Inc.  allows employees to communicate with one another no matter where they are.  With Hosted VoIP, calls are made over a Hosted PBX or a cloud-based system. You can make and receive phone calls wherever there is a broadband connection by signing into your VoIP account via an app from your PC or cell phone Be able to work from wherever and be able to communicate to your team with ease.

Cost- Effective

Operating Costs for VoIP systems are notably lower than traditional phone lines.  Businesses are often saving twenty to thirty percent in savings.  We also offer unlimited local and long distance are included in your flat monthly fees and offer very competitive rates on international calling.

Variety of Features 

Hosted VoIP from OneVoice Communications (listed below) offers a variety features of an enterprise organization for a fraction of the cost including desktop integration & auto attendants. Contact us for professional phone system installation today.

Hosted VoIP Quote

IP Phone

(we sell these with our packages!)
The basic requirements are an IP based Phone and a stable Internet Connection.  No other major equipment!

Internet Connection

(we can provide this too, if you need it!)


What type of Phones does your Hosted VoIP require?

Our hosted VoIP platform requires an IP based phone.  We specifically recommend (and sell) Polycom: VVX 300, VVX 400 and the VVX 500.

What kind of connection does Hosted VoIP Require?

Our Hosted VoIP platform requires that you have a stable internet connection.  Each concurrent phone call uses about 80 Kbps of bandwidth (not a lot!).  If you need to upgrade your existing internet connection, or if you want to add a secondary internet connection just for your Hosted VoIP traffic, we can provide that to you.  We can also consolidate all of your service provider bills, so you only have to call one phone number and pay one bill each month.

Can I keep my existing carrier?

Absolutely! As long as the bandwidth is sufficient enough for your concurrent phone calls and day to day internet activity.

What if I lose internet connection or power?

Hosted VoIP has built in redundancy: since the main phone system is stored in the cloud, if you lose internet or power in your building, your calls can be rolled over to secondary lines or cell phones.  This can all be setup during your installation, well in advance, so that you never miss a call.

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