Dedicated internet provides a “dedicated” connection, meaning it isn’t shared with other businesses.

It also provides your business with a symmetrical connection (equal upload and download speeds) in order to support critical business applications.

With OneVoice dedicated internet, you get access to speeds from T1 to 1 Gbps.

Get high network reliability backed by enterprise-class service level agreements.

Dedicated Internet Benefits

Guaranteed Bandwidth– With Dedicated Internet, your company is guaranteed to receive the bandwidth you purchased. For instance, if you purchase 100mb dedicated internet, you will always receive a 100mb connection.

Same upload & download speeds– If you purchase a dedicated internet circuit, both your download & upload speed remain the same. Fast upload speed is crucial for companies that have a lot of users, cloud apps, VoIP, etc.

Improve Network Security– One way to boost your security is by using dedicated internet access. By not having to share your internet connection with those outside of your organization, strengthen your overall cybersecurity and insulate your network against breaches.

When you have dedicated internet access, you can worry less about the threats from other networks. This allows you to better allocate your business’s resources toward tackling other weak links in your digital security.

Scalable Internet Access– One of the biggest advantages of managed and dedicated internet service, is that you most likely won’t need to utilize the 24/7 customer support that often comes with it. Dedicated internet access service plans should come with a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

This agreement guarantees circuit up time. Typically, an SLA document also details a minimum time to resolve connectivity issues (if any), to restore complete service.


Estimated Dedicated Internet Pricing

Below are estimated costs for dedicated internet. All pricing is based on speed, location, and having a commercial building address(no home-based businesses). For an exact quote, please fill out the form to the right.

      3 Year Term Pricing:

10M DIA – $445
20M DIA – $545
50M DIA – $695
100M DIA – $895

1G DIA- $1,495

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    Internet Dedicated Essential (NEW)


    Internet Dedicated Essential is provided over the industry leading IP and Switched Ethernet local access network you have grown accustomed to with our Dedicated Internet Service. This service in particular provides a dedicated port on the edge router with synchronous upload and download speeds and can be paired with our other value added services such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). OneVoice Communications is now offering Internet Dedicated Essential to customers in dedicated locations.


    Fill out the form to the right for more information or see if your location is eligible for Internet Dedicated Essential.

    Additional Information:

    • Available at approximately 1.8 million locations
    • 2-year minimum
    • Reliable network quality and performance

    Up to 40% in savings


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