Episode 5 of “Your Voice” With Robyn Jones, owner of Joba Studio Design

Episode 5 of “Your Voice” features Robyn Jones, owner of Joba Design Studio of Blacksburg, VA. Within the interview, Robyn touches on why the Blacksburg community not only supports Joba but also how it supports all entrepreneurs from those who have experience to those who are just getting started. She also explains that she defines

The Importance of Small Businesses in a Corporate World

With launching our new series “Your Voice” with John Balser, it inspired us to write this blog post and divulge the importance of small businesses in their entirety. Yes, larger companies have a vast amount of resources and employees but small businesses offers something special that can’t be found in a larger company. Here are

“Your Voice” Episode 2 with Caleb of Cornerstone General Contractors

Episode 2 of “Your Voice” with John Balser features Caleb, owner of Cornerstone General Contractors and Cornerstone Electric in Dublin, VA. Caleb discusses how growing up in the New River Valley area inspired him to stay and open his own business. He also explains how important it is to seek counsel from seasoned professionals especially

“Your Voice” with Dr. Damon Thompson of Real Life Dental

OneVoice’s John Balser had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Damon Thompson of Real Life Dental located in Blacksburg, VA for another episode of “Your Voice.” Dr. Thompson speaks on his journey to becoming a dentist and starting his own business as well as some insight of how having a vision is a make

The Truth About High Speed Internet

bandwidth usage

In this age of high-speed internet, using the internet & running into a slow or down connection can be frustrating. This may be shocking, but a number of people & companies may be paying for faster internet speeds than they actually need or are actually receiving. Your computer or computers are connected to a router.

Guaranteed Ways To Motivate Your Employees

Guaranteed Ways To Motivate Your Employees (1)

Motivating your employees can make a world of a difference when it comes to their performance. Motivation can act as a tool to increase positive work attitudes as well as increase productivity. Big businesses often times neglect to make a personal connection with their employees and that can lead to unmotivated workers. It’s important to

How To Solve 4 Common Customer Complaints

Your customers are the deciding factor in determining whether your business will be successful or not. With this in mind, it is essential to always provide excellent customer service and know how to deal with problems or issues that may arise for your customers. Here are 4 common customer complaints that your business may experience

5 Things To Consider Before Your Next Telecom Contract

telecom contract

Preparing for a new telecom contract is a huge decision that companies face. Telecom may seem like a straight forward utility service, but depending on the structure of your business, it can be very complex. Before you sign your next contract, there are a number of questions you may want to think of: Is my

Understanding A Service-Level Agreement

service-level agreement

Why Service-level agreements are necessary A service-level agreement (SLA) is a contract between a service provider and its internal or external customers that documents what services the provider will provide and it defines the service standards the provider is obligated to meet. Service providers need service level agreements to help them manage customer expectations and

Understanding Business Internet Services

With the advancement of technology, companies are in need of more bandwidth. Internet is becoming increasingly commoditized and there are no signs of this changing. Businesses are aware that they need business internet services, but a number of them fail to realize that not all business internet services are the same. There are two main

5 Keys For Providing Excellent Customer Service

Companies are constantly trying to find new & exciting ways to improve relationships with their customers, but they forget the easiest & most obvious method, improving customer service. 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer service experience. Regardless of how great the products or services that a company offers or how skilled and creative the employees are, customers more often than not never forget the direct interaction they have with your company. Your customer’s experience will be rated by the quality & skill of the support they receive. If you’re not finding new ways to improve your customer service, you are at risk of stagnating or even ruining your customer-company relationship. Below are some steps to providing excellent customer service.

Know Your Product

Having product knowledge is an essential skill for both salespeople and customer service representatives. By having the ability to understand your product’s features, it allows you to break down benefits, features, and potential troubleshooting issues. This creates trust & confidence for your customers.


Having a friendly attitude is essential to excellent customer service. Having a friendly attitude shows that you value your customers. Customers want to deal with employees that they genuinely believe care about their problems and not someone who seems inconvenienced or bothered by their questions and concerns. A friendly employee should be warm, show courtesy by acknowledging customers immediately, being attentive, and genuinely working to resolve a customer’s issue.

Training Staff

It is impossible for a company to have excellent customer service without training their staff. When dealing with customer service, there are 5 critical skills that need to be addressed: empathy, positivity, patient, clarity, and improvement. Empathy is the most fundamental customer service skill since it emphasizes helping customers be happy & successful. Positivity refers to the language and tone you use when communicating with customers. Subtle changes in word choice and tone can have a huge difference in how a customer perceives your customer service. Patience is crucial in customer service because not all customers have a quick and easy question. Some questions and concerns can be complex and cause frustration for both you and the customer. The worst thing you can do is lose your cool when dealing with a customer and potentially ruin your relationship with that customer. Clarity creates trustworthiness, dependability, and smooth support for customers. Training shouldn’t just be when a person gets hired, companies need to have a culture of continuous improvement when it comes to customer service. There is always room for improvement and if you aren’t improving in regards to customer service, there are other companies out there willing to and they can potentially convert your customers.


Empathy begins with listening. Listening shows that you are engaged in what the customer is relaying to you and you are focused on a resolution. Active listening reduces the chances of miscommunication which can increase the likelihood of frustration for both you and the customer. Committing your full attention throughout an entire interaction keeps the focus on the customer and their needs. Your customer will appreciate it whether they express it or not.


Customer feedback is the last piece of the puzzle. It is one of the easiest ways a company can learn to provide excellent customer service in the future. Successful companies are successful because they continually look for ways to be better and customer service is a key area that companies focus on. Companies need to focus on accepting feedback and also purposely asking for it. Getting both good and bad feedback will help improve customer service going forward. There are numerous ways to get customer feedback including online feedback forms, email surveys, polls, live chat support, and monitoring social channels.

Choosing The Right Telecom Provider

Every company needs a telecommunications provider. The telecommunication services your company uses, from phones to internet connectivity, are facilitated and supported by a telecom carrier. Like many buying decisions in business, finding the right solution may take some research and evaluation. If you choose the wrong telecom carrier, you’ll likely run into issues, such as