For companies with more than 5 people, PRI circuits provide major performance advantages compared to an individual voice or data line.

Dynamic IP, very similar to a PRI, provides a cost-effective solution using VoIP (Voice over Internet Technology) that allows a single circuit for both voice and internet. It is done by alternating between voice and data as the volume changes.

A PRI is a single line (typically a T1 connection in North America) with 23 voice channels (and a single data/control channel), that allows your business to hold 23 calls simultaneously. PRI Circuits also offer the capacity for voice, data, and fax services.

Here at OneVoice, we offer affordable PRI and Dynamic IP circuits throughout the country.

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Dynamic IP Advantages:

    • ­Single Circuit- Combines Voice and Data, reducing overall telecom costs
    • ­Personalization- Customize your network to fit your businesses needs
    • ­Voice Traffic prioritizes when a call is being made while bandwidth is immediately allocated to other applications once a call ends
    • ­Includes high speed internet, voice, managed router, and calling features

PRI Circuit Advantages:

  • ­Direct Inward Dialing- Callers can call internal extensions directly without having to deal with auto attendants.
  • ­Installation and service costs are significantly lower than adding multiple voice and/or data lines.
  • ­All free channels can transmit data.
  • ­As your company needs or size increases, we can add PRI circuits to ensure ideal performance.
  • ­PRI Circuits can be used for voice connectivity, data connectivity, and faxing

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