Software-Defined Wide Area Network or SD-WAN is an application of software-based network technologies to WAN connections. Its role is to effectively direct all network traffic between data centers, headquarters, remote offices, branch offices, and the cloud.

Simply put, SD-WAN is the method of combining the benefits of the cloud and the bandwidth of broadband and existing enterprise network infrastructure in order to increase efficiency when transmitting data, video, and voice. It also provides the ability to quickly access cloud applications from every location in the network.

SD-WAN utilizes a number of connections like MPLS, Broadband, LTE, dedicated internet and more to find the optimal delivery path in regards to the traffic across a given network. It eliminates any clogging and dropped data packets and thus is able to provide the best user experience no matter where you are located.

With our SD-WAN solution, your company can regain control of your network by making your connection(s) faster, cost-effective, and ready to support potential new business opportunities.
You can enjoy advanced network visibility, dynamic traffic routing to improved application performance, and application-level insights.

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    SD-WAN Benefits

    Network Flexibility

    Since it is cloud-delivered and software based, it allows for quick adaptation to ongoing needs including adding access to cloud-based services, new branches or remote offices, and specific routing of traffic for optimized application and data delivery.

    Simple Deployment

    You are given the ability to deploy completely through the cloud, software based, hardware based, or a combination of any. This eliminates the need for a specialized technician to install anything for you.

    Application Visibility & Control

    You are given the ability to monitor all network activity in real time with analytics and reporting, get alerts for any potential problems, and you have the immediate ability to make necessary performance adjustments.

    Cost Effective

    SD-WAN technology also allows organizations to effectively leverage all available network connections to their full capacity without worrying about maintaining idle backup links.