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Step 1: Send us a copy of your latest invoice

In our experience, many businesses never check their phone or internet bill every month. We find that a lot of companies are paying for services they never use or do not need.  Your provider’s bill is lengthy and a lot of charges get lost in the shuffle.  Providing us with your invoice gives us the ability to dissect all of that information for you.

Feel free and comfortable sending us your invoice (as a PDF) using the form on this page.  In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we will never use any of the information to influence our pricing or give your information to any 3rd party.  It’s our goal to provide you consolidated services at the lowest price possible, while adding a level of personal customer service that you won’t get elsewhere.

Still not comfortable? No problem!

Feel free to black out as much or as little information as you want (even the prices you pay!) we’ll still give you an analysis on the services you are paying for and what we can offer.

Step 2: We Do The Dirty Work

We take that lengthy invoice you get every month and use our 16 years of experience in the business to pull out the services and features you’re paying for. We know what to look for! If we see anything out of place, we’ll let you know in our analysis to you. It’s important to us that you know exactly what you’re currently paying for.

Step 3: We Send You A Side by Side Comparative Analysis

This is the last step of the process! We take your current features and costs and put them side by side with what we offer.  We ensure to keep all of the existing services you are currently using, while showing you where we can save you money.  On average, we’ve saved our existing customers 23% on their service bills.

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