Business Agent Program

The OneVoice Communications Inc.’s Business Agent Program is a unique opportunity for business professionals to earn compensation by referring potential customers to OneVoice products and services.  We provide customized packages of voice, data and other business communications services at competitive prices, with unsurpassed customer service that will fit with any business’ needs.

How do I become an Agent?

To become an agent or to see if you are eligible to become an agent, fill out the form to the right and one of our Business Agent Reps will contact you to begin the process.


Who is Eligible to be an Agent?

Business Agent must possess the knowledge and the ability to recruit potential customers to OneVoice Communications Inc’s Business Agent Program.  These agents will refer customers looking for products and services for their commercial location only.

What makes OneVoice different than other agent programs?

OneVoice Communications’s Agent Program is different because we do not require agents to refer a minimum amount of customers or revenue.

What is the payment structure?

The more revenue you generate, the more compensation you will receive.

Join Our Business Agent Program

Submit an Inquiry

Once you submit an inquiry above, one of our Business Agent Representatives will contact you.

We'll Contact You

One of our Business Agent Reps will contact you with the details of the program and then you can start referring by filling out this form. 

Start Earning

Once the referee (new customer) has signed their contract, service has been installed, and billing has begun, you as the business agent will begin to earn!