Cloud hosted VoIP is Voice over IP (VoIP) technology that operates through cloud computing. This type of VoIP system allows businesses to utilize phone services without the need for physical hardware, eliminating the costs associated with traditional in-house telephone systems. Cloud hosted VoIP also offers a variety of benefits when compared to other types of telephone systems, such as scalability and flexibility, cost savings, and enhanced security.

What are the benefits of a cloud hosted VoIP? 

Scalability and flexibility are two important benefits of cloud hosted VoIP. Since there is no hardware required with this type of system, businesses have the ability to quickly add additional lines or remove them as needed without needing IT assistance. This makes it much easier for businesses to adjust their communication needs on an as needed basis.

Cost savings are another benefit of cloud hosted VoIP. By eliminating the need for physical hardware, businesses can save on upfront costs associated with purchasing telephone systems as well as recurring monthly payments. Additionally, many cloud hosted VoIP providers offer unlimited calling plans that allow businesses to make and receive calls without any additional fees or charges.

Finally, enhanced security is yet another major benefit of using cloud hosted VoIP services. As all communications are routed through a secure connection in the cloud, there is no risk of unauthorized access or data theft. This makes it much easier for businesses to protect their sensitive information while still being able to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues.

Overall, cloud hosted VoIP offers a variety of benefits for businesses of all sizes. With scalability, flexibility, cost savings, and enhanced security, cloud hosted VoIP can be a great way to improve communication without the need for expensive hardware or complex setup.

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    How Does A Cloud VoIP System Work?

    VoIP converts audio from phone calls to data packets that can be transmitted over the internet.

    Unlike traditional phone systems, the data is transmitted over the internet without the need for telephone wires.

    Cloud VoIP can help your business save on phone system costs and reduce outages by utilizing your current internet connection.

    You can use your business communications software on the go with your remote team, even when connected to Wi-Fi.

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