Dedicated Internet Access Buyer’s Guide

Dedicated Internet Access Buyer's Guide

For internet users, the types of connections available are often limited and hard to understand. The best option is one that meets your business needs. Whether the connection is shared or dedicated is important for the performance of your applications, but many home users don’t consider this when choosing a service.

Shared Internet access is a cheaper alternative to private connections, but it comes with the risk of slow speeds during peak usage periods. However, this isn’t an option for businesses that can’t afford a shaky internet connection. Poor internet performance leads to user frustration, missed opportunities, and more serious issues down the road.

If you want increased reliability and performance for your internet connection with set speeds and no sharing of bandwidth, then dedicated internet access is perfect for you. You’ll also receive specific metrics that cover features like high availability or low latency.

    What To Consider Before Switching To A Dedicated Internet

    Many businesses select dedicated internet access for their heavier web usage. The main advantage of a dedicated connection is its reliability – fast upload and download speeds, as well as quality-of-service (QoS) options to guarantee key business applications have enough bandwidth. However, there are most certainly pros and cons of dedicated internet services.

    The higher recurring expenditures associated with this sort of connection might not be affordable for some organizations. Companies that opt for dedicated internet access, on the other hand, frequently discover that costs are offset by the sense of security, enhanced communication, and performance SLAs. These advantages serve to help them stay one step ahead of the competition.

    If you’re considering the switch to a dedicated internet for your business, consider these factors:


    How flexible are your bandwidth requirements?

    If you have unstable traffic patterns, chances are you’re overpaying for connectivity that goes unused during lulls. Bandwidth-on-demand models can help mitigate this by only charging for the amount of bandwidth used. This is especially useful when spikes in traffic occur, like around a new product release or an event.


    Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    DIA is not only more reliable, but vendors guarantee that many aspects of the service will work >99% of the time. If an ISP breaches its contract, you are guaranteed restitution in the form of “service credits” and may even be able to get out of your agreement.


    Does it matter who provides the dedicated internet?

    The short answer is no. These days, the internet is basically a product that you can buy much like you would buy groceries at the supermarket. The difference is in customer service, which OneVoice prides itself on exceeding.

    Dedicated Internet Access From OneVoice Communications, Inc.

    OneVoice Communications, Inc. offers dedicated internet access for businesses in the United States. Our dedicated internet access provides your business with a private, secure connection to the internet with speeds up to 1Gbps. This is an ideal solution for businesses that need a high-speed, always-on connection with low latency and high reliability.

    Our team of customer service professionals are available 24/7 to help you get the most out of your Internet connection. We know that your business depends on a fast and reliable connection, so we make sure that you have the best possible service.

    Contact us today to learn more about our dedicated internet access for business.