Dedicated Internet Access For Business

    Dedicated Internet is an internet service that combines a dedicated connection with a symmetrical bandwidth (same upload & download speeds) & provides high performance connectivity.

    Dedicated internet is ideal for companies who can potentially suffer real time revenue losses due to lagtime or downtime.

    If your company requires internet for mission-critical applications like video conferencing, communication, or you have a number of users, you will need dedicated intertnet and not shared internet.

    OneVoice offers nationwide dedicated internet options designed to help your business reduce costs, boost productivity, & increase worker efficiency.

    We offer speed options from 1.5mbps to 1Gbps with a number of access options such as ethernet, T1, T3, & more.

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    Dedicated Internet Benefits

    • Guaranteed Bandwidth– With Dedicated Internet, your company is guaranteed to receive the bandwidth you purchased. For instance if you purchase 100mb dedicated internet, you will always receive a 100mb connection.
    • Same upload & download speeds– If you purchase a dedicated internet circuit, both your download & upload speed remain the same. Fast upload speed is crucial for companies that have a lot of users, cloud apps, voip, etc.
    • Improve Network Security– One way to boost your security is by using dedicated internet access. By not having to share your internet connection with those outside of your organization, strengthen your overall cyber security and insulate your network against breaches. When you have dedicated internet access, you can worry less about the threats from other networks. This allows you to better allocate your business’s resources toward tackling other weak links in your digital security.

    Types Of Dedicated Internet

      • T1/DS1 – T1 is a copper based transmission service which can transmit data at speeds up to 1.5 megabits per second. T1’s may be bonded together to allow for higher data transmission rates. Two T1 circuits will combine to give the end user 3 megabits per second transmission rate.
      • T3 – A T3 is a copper based service which can transmit data at speeds up to 45 megabits per second.
      • Ethernet – Ethernet, sometimes referred to as Metro Ethernet, is a copper based service which can transmit data at a
        rate of 100 megabits per second.
    • Fiber – Data transmitted via fiber optic lines use light and can travel at gigabit speed (1000 megabits per second).

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