Hosted VoIP For Manufacturers

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    Features of Hosted VoIP

    Cloud Based Phone System

    Fax to Email

    Mobile Softphone

    Auto Attendant

    Desktop Integration

    Music on Hold

    The operational benefits of a Hosted VoIP telephone system can significantly boost the efficiency of your manufacturing firm. With the scalability that Hosted VoIP communication systems offer, you only pay for the service levels that you require within your manufacturing company. Today, manufacturing companies vary in size depending on the scale of your projects. Manufacturers companies can often be one small office, other times, they can be multiple buildings in size. Having a communication system that can support your firm’s size is essential. 

    As a manufacturing firm, keeping costs as low as possible is crucial to keeping operations live and well. Traditional phone lines not only overcharge for their rates but also can incur additional costs in the future just to keep your phone lines up to speed and fully-functional. Contact OneVoice Communications Inc. today to get a free quote for your manufacturing business and start saving today.


    Fast and Easy

    Extremely Flexible

    Simplified, Flat Rate Pricing

    Vendor Consolidation

    Portable IP Portable

    Lower Operating Costs

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