SIP Trunking For Business in North Carolina

SIP Trunking replaces traditional phone lines that have physical connections with virtual connections over your existing IP networks. With SIP Trunking, your business only has to pay for the voice usage you need.  Get rid of your costly PRI Circuit and switch to SIP Trunks.  Pay for the number of concurrent call paths you need – no more, no less.

  • ­Competitive bundle pricing
  • ­Pay only for what you need – whether it’s a certain number of call paths or a certain number of minutes
  • ­Compatible with most SIP Ready PBXs and SIP Gateways

What do I need? 

Data Connection 

SIP Trunking requires an active Data Connection-typically using the Public Internet. Depending on the volume of calls it may be wise to invest in a dedicated connection for voice


Our SIP Service requires that you have an IP PBX (or some other device) that can accept SIP. Please check with your device manufacturer

What are the advantages? 

Cost Efficient 

Your pay for what you need. In a traditionalPRI circuit, you pay for 23 concurrent phone calls, whether you use them or not. With SIP Trunking, you can purchase the exact number of call paths your business needs


If you have multiple locations, or multiple phone lines, SIP Trunking allows you to consolidate all of your connections under one contract and one bill

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