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In prioritizing the act of winning government business, government contractors can end up sidelining other critical infrastructure requirements for their work. In reality, the real work begins after a contract is obtained. Oftentimes, that work requires advanced tools and services, including reliable telecommunications capabilities.

Phone Solutions

Hosted VoIP and SIP Trunking
Make and receive calls from anywhere with our Hosted VoIP and SIP trunking platform at fraction of the maintenance and cost of traditional phone lines
PRI Circuits
A PRI is a single line that allows your business to hold 23 calls simultaneously. PRI Circuits also offer the capacity for voice, data, and fax services
Dynamic IP
Dynamic IP provides a cost-effective solution using VoIP that allows a single circuit for both voice and internet
Communicate quickly and efficiently as a distributed group with our robust and high quality conferencing capabilities

Data Solutions

Dedicated Internet
High speed, reliable internet with 24x7x365 connectivity
Regain control of your network by making your connections faster, cost-effective, and ready to support new growth
Business Network Services
Private line and multi-location networking at competitive prices

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