VoIP Telephones in Rockville MD

VoIP Telephones

VoIP phones present a number of benefits for small & large businesses alike in Rockville MD. For some, differentiating between standard telephone lines and VoIP telephones can be a bit disconcerting.

VoIP telephones for businesses simply require a sturdy, reliable internet connection in order to function properly so if you have internet (broadband) connection, you should be able to utilize this system. Here are just a few advantages of VoIP that could be helpful:


  • Lower costs
  • Higher accessibility/flexibility
  • Higher scalability
  • Less hardware

Lower Costs

For any business, profitability & bottom line is almost always the biggest priority for companies. Traditional landline phones can be extremely costly, in fact, landline phones can cost up to $50-60 per line. If your business is utilizing a handful of these traditional phone lines, you can see how this can attribute to overall costs, year over year.

VoIP phones can make calls at a fraction of the cost of traditional lines. It is able to transmit data a much cheaper rate because of the preexisting internet connection it relies on, instead of a hardware that transmits data over landlines.

Higher Flexibility/Accessibility

The capabilities of telephones using VoIP surpass the capabilities & flexibility of traditional landlines. Some highlighted features of VoIP are:

  • Auto Attendant – allows you to set up an automated “receptionist” that can connect the caller to various extensions without having to speak to a physical person.
  • Desktop Integration – in case you wanted to make calls directly from your work computer/laptop.
  • Remote Work – employees can stay connected to corporate phone system while still working from home which makes operations much smoother.
  • Cloud-Based System – since the phone system for VoIP telephones are hosted in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about losing/missing calls.

Higher Scalability

Because hosted VoIP phones don’t require any additional hardware or lines, scaling up or down according to your business operations is a much simpler task with VoIP phones than landlines.

Less Hardware

Traditional landline phone systems require a Private Branch Exchange, also known as a “PBX”. This robust & bulky piece of hardware is what handles all the routing of data/phone calls in and out of your telephone.

Because VoIP systems utilize the internet or the cloud to transmit data, there is no need for additional pieces of hardware like the PBX. All data can be transmitted using existing computer network cables that are most likely already set up for your business.

You’ll also be able to use the same phone numbers as you have previously been using so there should be no complication on that end.

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