What Is Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access, or Dedicated Internet, is a type of Internet service that provides a private, always-on connection between your business and the Internet. Dedicated Internet access is often used by businesses that require high-speed connectivity for data transfers, video conferencing, and other bandwidth-intensive activities that your business operations require on a day-to-day basis.

Compared to shared Internet access, which is typically provided through a cable or DSL modem, dedicated Internet access guarantees you a certain amount of bandwidth and eliminates the risk of competing with other users for bandwidth. This makes Dedicated Internet ideal for businesses with critical applications that cannot tolerate even a moment of downtime.

Business continuity has never been more important. If you didn’t already realize it, you now know that having dependable internet connectivity is critical to business success. High-quality, dedicated internet enables your business to stay in touch with customers, suppliers, and employees while ensuring access to your data and key business applications whenever you need them.

DIA vs. Broadband


The most important reason to get a dedicated internet connection is so that your upload and download speeds don’t waver.

The internet is a vast, global network of computer networks. It may seem to be unchangeable because it is so prevalent, but the truth remains that your shared internet connection is akin to driving on a busy interstate highway. On the highway, when there’s a lot of traffic, reaching your goal takes longer. When you share an internet connection, your data travels slower across the network in much the same way.


Businesses are concerned with the security of their data. When it comes to security, many clients prefer DIA to broadband since data is transported point to point rather than via a line or fiber shared by everyone. Fewer people who have access to your network raises the possibility that fewer elements may fail.


Dedicated internet access is a unique and configurable service. You don’t only get exactly the amount of capacity you need, but you also have complete control over how much it grows. For some DIA users, the flexibility that dedicated internet gives – since you’re on a customized plan with which you may alter as needed – is enough to persuade them to choose this option. When you purchase bandwidth, you receive ALL of it and may scale your network as your requirements change.

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable way to connect your business to the Internet, Dedicated Internet Access may be the perfect solution. Get a free quote from OneVoice Communications, Inc. today!