Campus Automotive- “Your Voice” with John Balser

For this week’s episode of “Your Voice” we have Matt McMurray, owner of Campus Automotive in Blacksburg, VA. Campus Automotive is a family owned business that spans over three generations, first established in 1979.  Their services include but are not limited to tires, brakes, oil changes, wheel alignment and towing services. Matt and the entire Campus Automotive Team prioritize their customers to make sure they are comfortable and satisfied with the work that has been done.

Matt is not only known for his successful family run automotive shop in Blacksburg, he also runs a very successful Youtube Channel that has been continuously growing. He began filming videos in 2011, with his first video featuring a car being towed from a private property. He continued to do more towing videos but then began to show commercials for his company using a professional videographer. In 2018, Matt began focusing on tire selection and tire comparison videos, allowing people to understand the differences between certain tires.  His subscriber count has grown to over 2,300, but his main goal for his channel is for people to have the opportunity to be educated on these subjects. 

Matt, originally from Blacksburg, attended Virginia Tech and then moved to Christiansburg to grow his family. He loves to travel with his wife and two children especially to various amusement parks in the United States.  He hopes to one day take his family on a road trip across the United States in an RV.  

To get in contact with Matt and Campus Automotive visit their website to request an appointment or give them a call at (540)-518-0340.

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