AI and it’s Impact

Artificial Intelligence or AI in its simplest of terms is the development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks that are typically done by humans or involve some sort of human intelligence. Usually when people hear the term “artificial intelligence”, they think of robots taking over our lives, jobs etc. But it is a complex concept and has many applications for everyday life. Artificial Intelligence analyzes data to then use it to make predictions that humans can not always make. AI also makes it’s predictions at a much faster speed than humans. While AI has a long history, it is constantly changing and evolving in the ways it can be implemented. We have provided the pros and cons of AI implications as well as its future implications.  

Pros and Cons of AI 

Like many new technologies, there are positives and negatives that are associated with AI. There is a thin line between the positives and the negatives of artificial intelligence technology, but we have provided general ideas of what the overall consensus is for AI.
  • New Inventions:  AI can and will power new inventions in the future. Many of these include medical devices and transportation, which will be touched on more in the next section.
  • Reduction in human error: “We are only human” as the saying goes, humans make mistakes all the time. Similar to how a computer is programmed well and/or correctly, the margin of error is almost nonexistent. AI, very similarly, uses information that was previously collected, and ensures that the same mistake will not happen again. Some argue that AI will cause more errors, but that is up for debate.
  • Less Human Risk: Instead of sending humans into dangerous situations such as exploring the deep depths of the ocean, mining, or even sending into space, AI-based robots or computers could be sent into these dangerous situations instead. Thus if something did happen, there will be minimization of loss of human life.
  • Unemployment: One of the largest concerns in regards to Artificial Intelligence is that this technology will take over all of our jobs. There is something to say for this, as jobs that require repetitive tasks such as an assembly line, for example, are/will be affected. Organizations are often looking to save money on employees and AI is an alternative for those individuals.
  • Lack of Human Qualities: Artificial intelligence can and will continue to be very helpful in terms of efficiency and reduction of human error. But that being said, AI missed qualities that only humans can possess such as creativity and emotion. No machine can replicate what the human brain can produce on an emotional level.
  • High Costs: The maintenance and repairs that are needed for machinery that uses AI can be costly. These machines are complex to say the least. Ensuring they remain up to date can cost a business or an organization a large amount.

What does the future look like for AI?

Artificial Intelligence will not only affect our daily lives but will impact specific industries. These include:  
  • Transportation: AI will affect the transportation industry by the use of self-driving cars, traffic management, and delay predictions specifically for aircraft.
  • Customer Service: Many businesses have already implemented some forms of this, including chat boxes on a company website, voice assistants when calling a business, and automated texts from a business.
  • Healthcare: Radiology tools will be improved and will be able to provide more detailed and accurate readings. One of the largest improvements will be used for patient registration. This will be done by Natural Language Processing ( NLP) also known as voice recognition.
  • Education: Organization of the classroom environment will be shifted, specifically grading of homework and tests and exams. Another component that will be affected is personalized learning for students which includes meaningful feedback for the student so they are able to improve their performance.
  These are just a few examples of how AI has and will impact our everyday lives. AI is a controversial subject and there are a multitude of opinions and concerns by people. In some sort of capacity,  Artificial Intelligence will have an impact on you or how you do things. This is a very brief summary of what artificial intelligence is and its positive and negative uses, and how it could be used in the future. While you debate how you feel about Artificial Intelligence, make sure to check out all of our products and services for your business here.  

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