Choosing The Right Telecom Provider

Every company needs a telecommunications provider. The telecommunication services your company uses, from phones to internet connectivity, are facilitated and supported by a telecom carrier. Like many buying decisions in business, finding the right solution may take some research and evaluation. If you choose the wrong telecom carrier, you’ll likely run into issues, such as poor quality and unreliability.

As you work through the decision-making process, there are many factors you need to keep in mind to ensure that you choose the best possible solution for your company.

Below are six things you should focus on as you narrow down the list of possible telecom carriers.


Nationwide there are a number of telecom providers that can offer you service. When you find potential carriers, research their history and past accomplishments in order to understand their values and serviceability. You should be able to find this information via the carrier’s site, online reviews, or you can call them.

Geography/ Footprint

It’s important to understand that not all telecom providers are nationwide. Keep in mind that nationwide providers might not have the exact solution you need or it may not be cost effective. Research local, regional and national providers in order to see which carriers can best service your location and your needs.

Product Offerings

The telecom providers you’re interested in should be able to provide a number of products/services such as cloud, voice, internet, data, and managed services. All information regarding products/services should be easily found online. Telecommunication can be very technical, so it’s important that you have a conversation with a particular provider’s consultant in order to lay out what needs your company has and the most effective way to satisfy those needs.

Potential Company Growth

One of the worst mistakes you can make is choosing a telecom provider who can only support your current needs. You should choose a quality carrier who can support your current needs and also your potential business growth requirements. When talking to a telecom consultant, it’s important to bring up your company’s potential growth plan and talk about any potential new locations, number of employees, system requirements, etc.


Pricing shouldn’t be the only thing you look for, but every company wants a budget-friendly service.  It’s important to realize that there are a number of factors that can potentially impact pricing such as the provider you use, type of service/product, size & quality of service, term length, and many other factors.  Make sure to convey all of your needs to the provider(s) you contact so you can get accurate pricing and avoid future financial frustrations.

Customer Service

A huge issue that companies tend to overlook is customer service. When you’re having an issue, you expect to be able to call your provider and talk to someone in a timely manner and have your issue resolved as soon as possible. Unfortunately, a number of providers don’t prioritize customer service; their customers experience long wait times to talk to a customer service representative and are often faced with inadequate service.

OneVoice prioritizes its customers and the service it provides them. Our customer service team is U.S. based and provides 24/7 live support. Not only does our customer service team answer calls immediately, they work relentlessly to fix issues and give consistent updates until service is completely restored.

Finding a telecom provider can be a draining task, but if you implement the suggestions in this blog, then your search will be easier and you can find the perfect telecom provider for your company.

Here at OneVoice, we are confident in our ability to not only guide you to the right solution, but provide and support that solution for you!

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