Customer Support: Why it’s More Important Than Ever

Customer Support has always been important, especially in the telecommunications industry. From troubleshooting, to provisioning, or simply talking to a customer service representative, it is vital to have a reliable customer service team to help solve any issue customers might have.  This past year has taught us a lot, but in the world of customer care or service you have to be on your A-game. Excellent customer support separates the bad, the good, and the really great businesses from one another, and your business can do that with a little help from us and our experience. According to a study done by Microsoft, “90% of Americans use customer service as a factor when deciding whether or not to do a business with a company,” so why would you not want your company to have the best customer service possible?   

We have laid out ways to enhance your customer service strategies & tactics to build an even better relationship with your customers that will keep growing. 

Adaptation is Key 

While the circumstances surrounding the pandemic, particularly in the labor force, were not ideal, it did spark some change or adaptation in the customer service sector. It seemed that everything was halted completely and everyone began working from home, even customer service representatives. New set-ups had to be made on how to communicate with consumers and customers. Flashforward to now, we are still adapting on how to maneuver the new normal which could be: a hybrid style of communication or still fully online, or even fully in-person.  No after what the circumstances are, it’s important to remember to:

  • Be Flexible: We are all going through this together, so it’s important to be flexible with your customers and hope they will be flexible with you as well. 
  • Continue Promoting Health and Safety: Although we will one day be fully out of the pandemic, for now it is important to continue promoting and adapting new practices for customer care in regards to health and safety. 
  • Plan as much as possible: If your business is going back to the office which includes customer service representatives, plan what it will look like and plan to adapt to new changes as they are implemented. And if your business is in need of phone or internet services, let us know!

Promote Great Customer Service

If your business already has great customer service, you should promote it across all channels and platforms.  If a consumer can not find you, how are you as a business supposed to help them? Here are simple and easy tactics to help connect those consumers to your business.

  • Update your website: Websites are typically the first place that consumers will visit, so it is vital that it is updated with correct information. 
  • Update Social Media Pages: Second to updating your website, updating your social media pages often and strategically will  help connect those customers to your business. Much like websites, social channels are very good for quick updates or urgent changes. If you have multiple platforms, make sure to post on all of them; Not every consumer will use the same platform to check for updates. 
  • Email Blasts: Although many of us tend to put promotional emails in our trash without even opening them, email campaigns are great for promoting new products or services but also to update users on changes within the business. 

Continue Building Relationships With Your Customers 

Connecting with your customers and showing them you care is the best thing that any business can do! You can do this by using the tactics above but also in combination by reaching out individually, if possible. Take customer’s feedback and implement those practices into your business.  By having open communication, your business will continue to strengthen your relationship with customers that will last. And if your customers find your business to be helpful, reliable, and good at what you do, they’ll recommend your business. It’s a win-win for everyone.     

Excellent customer service was always important, but it was taken to the next level this past year and it will stay that way for the unforeseeable future.    We take pride in our customer care and truly care about our clients, partners, and customers here at OneVoice and we see results.  

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