ESPN Blacksburg- Paul VanWagoner

For this episode of “Your Voice” with John Balser, John had the privilege to sit down with Paul VanWagoner who is the Operations Manager for ESPN Blacksburg. Paul hails from Michigan but he and his wife decided to move somewhere where there wasn’t multiple feet of snow for half the year. They have family in Virginia which lead him to look in Blacksburg and in late 2015 he accepted the job at ESPN Blacksburg.

Not only in the interview do we get to learn about Paul and his career with ESPN Blacksburg, but we also learn how his involvement in the community which goes way beyond talking about sports. In addition to discussing all things sports related with his fellow radio hosts, Paul brings in members of the NRV community to talk about what they do for the community and their businesses

Make sure to watch the full video below to hear Paul’s story.

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