The Importance of Small Businesses in a Corporate World

With launching our new series “Your Voice” with John Balser, it inspired us to write this blog post and divulge the importance of small businesses in their entirety. Yes, larger companies have a vast amount of resources and employees but small businesses offers something special that can’t be found in a larger company.

Here are 3 Reasons why Small Businesses are still important in 2019.

They Bring a Sense of Community
A small business brings a sense of community to the area in which they are located. Whether sponsoring an event or joining the Chamber of Commerce, it allows people of the community to get to know the business better as well the businesses having the opportunity to interact with it’s local community.

They Employ Local Workers

In areas where there isn’t a major city near or large companies near, it can be challenging to obtain and keep jobs. Growth of small businesses increases the need for more employees, which means less people without jobs. In addition, buying from small and local business keeps them prosperous and gives people jobs that will benefit beyond the local community.

They Bring Product Diversity

Having a vast array of small or local businesses in a community allows for diversity of products or services. This diversity can be based off interests or necessities of the community. The ability for a business to give a community exactly what it needs or desires right at their finger tip is something you can’t get anywhere else.


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