Understanding Business Internet Services

With the advancement of technology, companies are in need of more bandwidth. Internet is becoming increasingly commoditized and there are no signs of this changing. Businesses are aware that they need business internet services, but a number of them fail to realize that not all business internet services are the same.

There are two main types of business internet services, broadband and dedicated internet access. These services are completely different despite the fact that they get confused as the same thing. This blog will highlight the differences between the two as well as the pros and cons of using either.

Broadband Internet

Let’s first talk about broadband internet since this is what the majority of people are familiar with. Broadband internet is what most people have in their homes. It is considered “shared internet access” because the bandwidth is also being used by other individuals close to you that are using the same service provider as you.

What attracts people to broadband internet is the speed, but your bandwidth speed is dependant on the internet usage of individuals around you with that same provider. If a large number of other people with the same provider as you are using their connection at the same time, you will have a slower internet connection than you were sold. Despite this, broadband is a popular option because of it’s availability and it is cheaper than dedicated internet.

Broadband(Cable & DSL)

  • Available to residential and business customers
  • Inexpensive
  • Speeds aren’t guaranteed
  • Service is geographically based

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated internet establishes a private connection between your provider and your exact location, meaning the bandwidth you pay for can only be used by you. The speed that is advertised doesn’t change, unlike broadband. Dedicated internet is typically used by companies with high bandwidth needs that can’t afford to have connection interruptions. The service is more expensive, but you are paying for more reliability, security, and increased productivity.

Dedicated Internet Access (T1, T3, OcX, etc)

  • Available to business customers
  • Same upload & download speeds
  • Service is guaranteed through a service level agreement
  • Your internet service is dedicated to YOU
  • Typically more expensive than broadband

Before making a decision, it’s important to know all of the details presented in this blog in order to make the right decision for your company. Cost is usually the main factor for budget reasons, but speed, reliability, and productivity also need to be evaluated, especially for companies who can’t afford to have inconsistent speeds or have a lot of employees using computers at the same time. If you have further questions, you should talk to a telecom provider who can analyze your company’s needs and guide you to the right business internet service.

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