The Benefit of Switching to a Cloud Based Phone System

What is a Cloud-Based System?

A cloud based system, like it sounds, is a phone system that allows phone calls to be made over the internet and that data is then stored in the cloud. It is commonly known as Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP.  Traditional Phone-Based Systems have an on-site piece of equipment (PBX) which is connected to a physical circuit which can be extremely expensive and even more challenging to maintain. Cloud-Based phone systems are cheaper, involve very little maintenance and are an overall better choice for your business’s phone system versus a traditional phone system. We have laid out who should use a cloud-based phone system, the pros and cons of it, and how OneVoice can help if you and your business are considering switching (which we highly recommend). 

Who should use it?

One of the largest benefits of a cloud-based phone system is that it can be designed for businesses of all sizes. In particular,  if you are a small or medium sized business, a cloud-based phone system is a great alternative to traditional phone systems and includes many  benefits. 

Benefits of Cloud-based Phone System: 

  1. Scalability– With old phone systems, adding or removing users can be extremely difficult to change. With a cloud based phone system, adding or removing users/employees can be done with ease. This is especially appealing for a growing business who is frequently adding new users and phone lines.
  2. Mobility- In the past year, the idea of mobility or being able to answer a phone call no matter where an employee is, has become pertinent. Even with the transition of businesses going back to the office, you never have to worry about an employee missing an important phone call even if they are not in office. 
  3. Low-Cost and Low Maintenance- Traditional phone systems can be extremely expensive including paying for extra minutes or phone services; those extra costs can add up quickly. With a cloud-based phone system, most features are already included so you only have to worry about monthly costs for the service and rarely for extras. 

Are there any Cons?

While there are a variety of benefits of a cloud-based phone system, there are a couple of downfalls when it comes to a cloud-based phone system. 

1.Internet-Based-Since calls are being made over the internet, if the internet is down or slow, your calls will be affected accordingly. If you have a spotty or unreliable internet connection this will become a frequent issue.

2. Security– Security is a concern when it comes to cloud based systems. These systems, as are any other internet-based systems, are susceptible to hacking, but if the correct steps are taken these can be avoided. 

Although these cons may want you to second-guess switching, these cons can be controlled with a dedicated connection and security-based measures. In this case, the benefits outway the cons. 

How Can OneVoice help? 

OneVoice Communications Inc. not only prides itself on ensuring our customers receive the best service, but we also make sure the customer gets the services that work for them. A cloud-based phone system from OneVoice will allow you and your employees to feel at ease when it comes to communicating with one another as well as clients and/or customers. As businesses slowly move back into office life, don’t let your phone system be what holds you back for a seamless transition.