The Last Episode of ‘Your Voice”

On our very last episode of the “Your Voice” series, our videographer Shane interviewed John himself!

John begins the interview by discussing his schooling. He attended Longwood College now Longwood University, first majoring in Sports Medicine, then a Voice Performance major, and then he finally became a Communications Major. After college, John and a couple of his college friends moved to Myrtle Beach, SC after being inspired by their last college spring break trip. After living in SC for some time, John got a job back in his hometown of Lynchburg, VA. Unfortunately, the job position was eliminated before he ever started, but he ended up getting a job with AT&T. John worked there for many years and eventually made his way up to the management level. After AT&T, he was recruited to work for Lumos Networks, known today as Segra. Living in Harrisonburg while working for Segra, John met his wife through mutual friends and he moved down with her to the New River Valley, specifically Blacksburg. 

John came to OneVoice in the Fall of 2018 after his best man at his wedding, Eddie, who is also a current employee of OneVoice, approached him about a position. Our CEO and President, Stephen met with John and the rest is history. John talks about how Stephen was very trusting of him to essentially take the reins in the New River Valley market. 

Within the interview John also touches on how the NRV and the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce have had such a positive impact on him. He describes them as being so open to him when he was the new guy and he was able to form relationships with members of the community because of the Chamber.

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Thank you to everyone who supported this series. We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to get to know community members of all walks of life in the New River Valley Community on a personal and professional level.

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