Month: October 2019

The Importance of Small Businesses in a Corporate World

With launching our new series “Your Voice” with John Balser, it inspired us to write this blog post and divulge the importance of small businesses in their entirety. Yes, larger companies have a vast amount of resources and employees but small businesses offers something special that can’t be found in a larger company. Here are

“Your Voice” Episode 2 with Caleb of Cornerstone General Contractors

Episode 2 of “Your Voice” with John Balser features Caleb, owner of Cornerstone General Contractors and Cornerstone Electric in Dublin, VA. Caleb discusses how growing up in the New River Valley area inspired him to stay and open his own business. He also explains how important it is to seek counsel from seasoned professionals especially

“Your Voice” with Dr. Damon Thompson of Real Life Dental

OneVoice’s John Balser had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Damon Thompson of Real Life Dental located in Blacksburg, VA for another episode of “Your Voice.” Dr. Thompson speaks on his journey to becoming a dentist and starting his own business as well as some insight of how having a vision is a make