Campus Automotive- “Your Voice” with John Balser

For this week’s episode of “Your Voice” we have Matt McMurray, owner of Campus Automotive in Blacksburg, VA. Campus Automotive is a family owned business that spans over three generations, first established in 1979.  Their services include but are not limited to tires, brakes, oil changes, wheel alignment and towing services. Matt and the entire

Pest Management Service Inc. (PMSI)- “Your Voice” with John Balser

On this episode of “Your Voice” we have Jay Tucker, a sales representative of Pest Management Services INC. (PMSI) in the New River Valley. Jay graduated from Virginia Tech in 2014 with a Marketing Management Degree with a concentration in sales. He started working at PMSI after he met them as clients at his previous

I.V. Tree and Shrub Care

We are back with another episode of “Your Voice” featuring Jim May, arborist and owner of I.V. Tree and Shrub Care in the New River Valley. Jim hails from Northern Virginia but attended college at Virginia Tech majoring in horticulture and then pursued a masters in it as well. He worked at several different jobs

What internet is right for your business?

When we think of the internet, we think of it as the thing we couldn’t survive without. It fuels our jobs, our connections, and our memories. It is vital to our everyday lives. Even though we as people use the internet all day for hours on end, it is still a confusing concept. We need

Jennifer Holdaway, Mortgage officer of Bank of the James

Our first episode of “Your Voice” with John Balser of 2020 we have Jennifer Holdaway, Mortgage Officer at the Bank of the James in Blacksburg, VA. Jennifer has been with the Bank of the James since March of 2019 and was previously working in finance for 17 years. She describes the Bank of the James