Redefining the Customer Experience During COVID-19

Over these past few months, the world has experienced a dramatic change of what “normal” is. The concept of everyday normalcy has now been disrupted and changed for the unforeseeable future and both consumers and businesses have been affected. But one thing that has remained a necessity, at least in the business and consumer world,

Why You Should Support Small Business’s During COVID-19

We had previously published a blog about why small businesses are so important especially in a corporate world and that is even more relevant during this challenging time due to COVID-19. There are a multitude of small business owners throughout the United States, and a large percentage of them will either have to close or

Stay Productive While Working From Home

With the on-going situation of COVID-19, many companies are requiring employees to work from home for an unknown period of time. Working from home is very different from physically going to the office, and we have provided tips on how to work from home and to help you feel and be as productive as you

The Last Episode of ‘Your Voice”

On our very last episode of the “Your Voice” series, our videographer Shane interviewed John himself! John begins the interview by discussing his schooling. He attended Longwood College now Longwood University, first majoring in Sports Medicine, then a Voice Performance major, and then he finally became a Communications Major. After college, John and a couple

Virginia Corporate Research Center- “Your Voice” with John Balser

On this week’s episode of “Your Voice”, John sits down with Dawn Myers the Chief Operating Officer of Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, VA. Established in 1985, the VTCRC has grown to house over 200 research, technology, and support companies. Prior to being the COO of the VTCRC, Dawn graduated from Radford University