What internet is right for your business? (Dedicated vs Broadband Internet)

When we think of the internet, we think of it as the thing we couldn’t survive without. It fuels our jobs, our connections, and our memories. It is vital to our everyday lives. Even though we as people use the internet all day for hours on end, it is still a confusing concept. We need first to distinguish exactly what the internet is, the different types of ways we connect to it, and how it can be used.

The internet and the World Wide Web are used interchangeably but are not quite the same thing. The internet is a worldwide system of computer networks and the World Wide Web is defined by a virtual network of websites connected by hyperlinks. The World Wide Web, also known as “WWW” or simply the “web” is accessed through the internet and was invented multiple years after it. The need for the internet became apparent in 1969 when the ARPANET project (Advanced Research Projects Agency Net) was created which allowed military personnel to communicate with one another in an emergency. Around 20 years later, the World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee by creating HTML, HTTP, and URLS which allowed web pages to be constructed. The World Wide Web and the internet were used together to create the platform that we know today.

The internet, as stated above is made up of networks which is essentially where two or more computers are linked together to allow electronic communication through cables, radio waves, satellites, or telephone lines. There are two main types of networks: LAN and WAN. LAN (Local Area Network) are networks that are limited to a small office, building, or a small campus and are usually privately by small organizations. Whereas WAN (Wide Area Networks) are multiple LAN’s put together reaching across towns, cities, and even countries. Wide Area Networks are typically more congested than Local Area Networks due to the wide area that they reach across.

Networks are linked through many different types of internet connections and it is important to understand the distinction between the two. The two main types of connections are Broadband and Dedicated. A Broadband connection is communal among multiple users in a large area, sharing a common larger connection. With Broadband, the speed and the quality of the connection is completely unpredictable. The speed and quality are determined by how many users and how much congestion there is. Dedicated internet, also known as DIA, is a service where a provider dedicates a specific amount of bandwidth for that connection . One of the major differences between broadband and dedicated is that dedicated is that the speed is always consistent and reliable no matter what.

The internet is not just one simple thing. It is a complex system with continuous moving parts. But we are here to help you make choosing the correct internet service for you and your business.

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