I.V. Tree and Shrub Care

We are back with another episode of “Your Voice” featuring Jim May, arborist and owner of I.V. Tree and Shrub Care in the New River Valley. Jim hails from Northern Virginia but attended college at Virginia Tech majoring in horticulture and then pursued a masters in it as well. He worked at several different jobs before taking over I.V. Tree and Shrub Care. Jim never planned on owning a business until one of his good friends who owned I.V. Tree and Shrub Care passed away and asked him to take over the business. Jim ended up expanding the business to Richmond in 2016 but made his way back to the NRV to be closer to his family.

Jim describes himself as an arborist who tries to save trees, whereas a majority of arborists remove trees. He discusses how he writes proposals to his clients to explain what the problem is and how to solve it. Jim not only is very good at what he does but he does everything he can to save the trees and shrubs and he makes sures that his clients are fully in the loop with what is happening to their yard.

When Jim is not on the job you can still find him enjoying the outdoors; either camping, gardening, or hiking.

Visit their website at for all of Jim’s contact information, to make an appointment, and what specific services they offer.