VoIP- Why it Just Makes Sense

Hosted VoIP for business

For a business, communication is single handedly the most important part of day to day affairs.  The traditional phone system that was used and is still used on occasion are called PBX systems. PBX systems are a direct line-to-line way of communicating and are done through a network exchange. Flash forward to the mid 1990’s where Hosted VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) was rising in popularity. VoIP is used to make phone calls over a broadband or dedicated internet connection and can be made anywhere versus a PBX system that can only be made from one location, usually the main office space. VoIP technology has become increasingly popular over the years and is used by many businesses of all sizes.  No matter if your business is 3 people or 3000 people, VoIP is a great way to communicate and here is why:

  1. Data and Voice Integration When your business uses Hosted VoIP, all your voice data will be compiled into one place.  With the original PBX system, not only is it extremely expensive, but it is also very difficult for updates and maintenance to be made. Whereas Hosted VoIP is produced and sold on a per-user basis, which allows adding or removing employees with ease. You can do things like place outbound calls through Outlook or other email clients, or bring up a customer record with that customer’s inbound calls. You can also add other features at any time as your business needs change.
  2. Cost One of the biggest cost savings when switching to Hosted VoIP is the fact that it has minimal equipment. When your business switches to VoIP, all on-site equipment will be fully eliminated. Equipment will be managed off site at a data center thus your business does not have to worry about costly maintenance or upgrades. With a reduction in price and less time worrying about whether or not your phone systems are updated, your business will be able to put those funds and precious time towards something more imperative to your company.  Your business has the opportunity to reduce your telecom bills by up to 50%, so what are you waiting for? 
  3. Reliability- Is VoIP reliable when the internet goes out? The answer is a simple yes.  At one time, typical phones were the most reliable simply because they were the only product available for making and receiving calls.  With the capability of having your calls being forwarded to mobile phone or email, you never have to worry about being disconnected. Never worry about power outages or weather-events affecting your business’s communication. And with the increase in working from home these last months, employees have the opportunity to still connect to their desk phone as if they are in the office. 

The idea of switching and changing your businesses phone systems may seem daunting, but here at OneVoice we will make your transition to a Hosted VoIP phone system easy and seamless. With a variety of features, your business will have the opportunity to design a plan that is customized to what you need at the fraction of the cost.  

While we are still in an unknown time, don’t let your business phone system be one of them. Contact us today

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