Redefining the Customer Experience During COVID-19

Over these past few months, the world has experienced a dramatic change of what “normal” is. The concept of everyday normalcy has now been disrupted and changed for the unforeseeable future and both consumers and businesses have been affected. But one thing that has remained a necessity, at least in the business and consumer world, is excellent customer service. Since its beginnings, One Voice Communications Inc. has prioritized its customer’s needs, thoughts and feedback, and continues to strive to engage its consumers in new and innovative ways in the face of the “new normal.” Here are ways to continue to engage customers and to raise awareness to all of the changes and updates your company is or will be making in the future:

1.Over Communicate The idea of over-communicating during a pandemic simply does not exist.  People are already uncertain of what the future holds and the need and desire for answers is very much apparent. Although you as a business can not answer all the questions involving the current health crisis,  you can inform all of your customers of all updates and news involving your business. This can be done by social media (see below), website updates, and email updates to name a few. Being in the know will not only make your business look informed and prepared but put the customer at ease as well. 

2. Utilize Your Businesses Social Media Going hand-in-hand with over communicating, social media is a fantastic place to update your customers on all changes of your business. Utilization of social media for your business can benefit your customers in three different ways. The first benefit is that the customer will be able to find information displayed right away without having to spend time searching for the answer on the businesses website for example. The second benefit is they provide a platform to be able to comment or ask quick questions without having to send an email or call.  And lastly the customer will be able to see the brand’s authenticity and how they are responding to other customers and followers. 

3. Show Empathy One of the main questions you should be asking as a business is “How can I continue to support my customers?”  Having low prices or the best product in your business industry is great and appealing, but it is not always what people are looking for. While the world is in this situation, people and customers want to be heard and appreciated. But when empathizing with your customers it is important to continue to be realistic and honest with them. People want to believe you, and that means being authentic and sincere with your answers. 

Navigating this time is difficult for anyone whether you are the business or the customer. We are along for the ride right now and the important thing is for everyone to do the best they can in whatever way that it is and we will get through this together. 

 We are and always will be a Customer Service business first. 24/7 to help you with all of your telecom needs.

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