Why You Should Support Small Business’s During COVID-19

We had previously published a blog about why small businesses are so important especially in a corporate world and that is even more relevant during this challenging time due to COVID-19. There are a multitude of small business owners throughout the United States, and a large percentage of them will either have to close or terminate employees due to the ongoing pandemic.  OneVoice Communications encourages you to buy and support your local businesses. Here are five ways you can support these businesses. 

  1. Buy Gift Cards – Buying gift cards from local businesses gives them cash flow during a time when dining in is not an option. And it also gives the consumer an excuse to use their gift card in the future. It reminds the businesses that their customers will be back.
  2. Buy Their Merchandise Online– Very similar to buying gift cards, many businesses are switching to selling their merchandise from in house to online. So you are able to order your favorite mug or t-shirt from a local shop without having to worry about going into the store. 
  3. Order for Take-Out or Delivery- Ordering take-out or delivery from local restaurants keeps the restaurants able to keep their business open. This also gives the servers or delivery drivers the opportunity to receive the tips they would normally get when dining rooms are open in restaurants.
  4. Rate Businesses on Google or Yelp– 90% of people read reviews of  businesses on Yelp, Google, or any other platform before buying from those businesses. Knowing that, the higher the businesses ratings, the more likely they are to gain a higher number of new customers. 
  5. Like/Share/Comment on their Social Media Channels- Liking, Sharing, and Commenting on businesses social media channels raises their engagement rate which boosts brand awareness. When brand awareness is increased it allows for higher viewership ratings which could lead to new customers.

We hope this inspires you to help your favorite local business during this challenging time if you are able to.

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