How To Solve 4 Common Customer Complaints

Your customers are the deciding factor in determining whether your business will be successful or not. With this in mind, it is essential to always provide excellent customer service and know how to deal with problems or issues that may arise for your customers.

Here are 4 common customer complaints that your business may experience and how to deal with them effectively.

No Follow Up Communication

Often times customer cases will need a follow-up and if your customer service team doesn’t communicate effectively with the customer, then complaints may occur.


If there is a follow up needed with your customer, then you need to inform them of how and when you will follow up with them. By doing this, you are showing your customer that their issues are a priority to your company.

Unfriendly Customer Service Representatives

No matter what business you are in, there will always be customer service representatives who don’t value great customer service. Customers want to talk to customer service representatives who are friendly, knowledgeable, and go above and beyond for their needs.


You must address any customer service representative issue because they are the ones who have direct contact with your customer. Your representatives should handle situations professionally no matter how the customer is acting.

In order to improve individual accountability, your customer support team should consistently discuss ways to effectively communicate with customers.

Being Repeatedly Transferred

When customers call your customer service team, they expect to quickly have their issue resolved. However, many customers explain their issues to one representative and are then transferred to another customer service representative who doesn’t know the answer and transfers them again.

When your customer keeps being redirected, they will start to feel as if their concerns are not important.


To prevent this issue from happening, your customer service representatives should put customers on hold while they find answers or transfer the customer to someone within the organization who can help them.

This will save the customer from being redirected multiple times and having to repeat themselves.

Being Put On Hold Too Long

Customers live busy lives, so it’s important for them to do things timely and reliably. When customers are put on hold for too long they may see it as not being placed as a high priority. Studies show that 34% of callers hang up after 2 minutes.


If this is an issue, then your business will need to address the customer service team to get to the root of the problem.

This may be caused by an overwhelmingly high number of calls, inadequate training, or an issue with your phone system. These issues can be solved by hiring more employees, revamping customer service training, or reaching out to telecom providers who can adjust your phone system to meet your business needs.

Businesses deal with customer complaints every day. Creating a great customer service experience that alleviates as many customer complaints as possible will only help your business be more successful.

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