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ESPN Blacksburg- Paul VanWagoner

For this episode of “Your Voice” with John Balser, John had the privilege to sit down with Paul VanWagoner who is the Operations Manager for ESPN Blacksburg. Paul hails from Michigan but he and his wife decided to move somewhere where there wasn’t multiple feet of snow for half the year. They have family in

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce 2019 Business Showcase

A few weeks ago, OneVoice Communications had the opportunity to be a part of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce 2019 Business Showcase. Being fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many local businesses and Chamber members, we decided to take the opportunity to interview many of the presenters that were there for our “Your

Episode 8 of “Your Voice” with Mason Walker

Episode 8 of “Your Voice” with John Balser features Mason Walker, owner of Straight Point Home Inspections in Blacksburg, VA. Straight Point Home Inspections began just a short time ago in April of 2019 but has grown at a rapid pace and is still growing. After graduating in 2006 from Virginia Tech with a theater